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Kickin' it California style January 07 2015

Home of the In & Out Burger, Old Pacific Coast Hwy, massive sunsets and palm tree lined streets. 
California is the place to be. It's our go-to spot for fun in the sun, cute skater boys and beach town
boardwalks. Jadie Stewart taps into the easy-going West Coast vibes as we tag along for a little Maui
Girl-goes-California adventure!! 
photographer: Clint // instagram:: @clinteastwood
bikini babe: Jadie Stewart // instagram:: @jadiestewart
s h o p    ♥   t h e   ♥   s h o o t
MG ring bandeau in neon yellow
MG sassy bi$%  in neon orange
MG sliding triangle in black
MG rasta girl bottom in black/rasta
MG cross back surf top in lavender
MG hannah bottoms in lavender